Are Distracted Driving Laws Saving Lives?

Most states in U.S. with the exception of Florida and a few others have laws enacted that prohibit drivers from texting and driving. The problem is, are these laws actually stoping people from this bad habit?

According to some statistics, police aren’t even actually enforcing these laws in some states. In others, distracted driving is delt with very seriously. Fines can start at $150 and is a first offense.

We want to know what you think. Will a law prohibiting the use of any cellular device, talking or texting, unless it’s being used hands-free, actually stop drivers in the act? Please cast your vote and feel free to leave us comments.

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– Anti-Texting team


About phoneguard

Phone Guard Inc. is a new company based out of Boca Raton, FLA where we strive to spread awareness against the new global issue of texting and driving. With our Drive Safe Software, you can help keep yourself, children,.and employees safe and undistracted while operating a motor vehicle.
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