Legal Language For Texters

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Like all legal issues, the government takes a simple idea or word and blows it up into something so much more complex. This blog is designed to put these words into layman’s terms for you. 

This is also called “The Distracted Driving Dictionary”.

Distracted Driving – covers anything that may draw attention away from the driver, such as: putting on makeup, operating a radio, using a GPS system, reading, or wrangling kids and animals. Distracted driving is anything that takes your eyes, hands, or mind away from the road.

Driving Contract / Pledge – Agreement between parents and teens outlining acceptable in-car behavior.

DWD – Driving while distracted

DWT – Driving while texting

Intexticated – Slang for driving and texting behaviors such as weaving that are similar to those exhibited by drunken motorists. Some researchers say drivers perform better while intoxicated than while text messaging.

Primary Enforcement – Police and other lawmakers can pull you over for texting while driving or any other distracted driving.

Secondary Enforcement – Police and lawmakers need another reason to pull you over, they need to cite you for a different infraction. If they feel you were texting while driving or driving distracted, they can issue a secondary infraction.

Source: HandsFreeInfo


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Phone Guard Inc. is a new company based out of Boca Raton, FLA where we strive to spread awareness against the new global issue of texting and driving. With our Drive Safe Software, you can help keep yourself, children,.and employees safe and undistracted while operating a motor vehicle.
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