What Does It Take To Stop Texting And Driving?

After reading over 200 articles yesterday, all of them ranging from how texting and driving is wrong, to accident reports of distracted driving, and even events sponsored by major corporations to help spread awareness of the dangers of this certain epidemic….I was fed up!

We all know texting and driving is wrong yet we still do it. What will it take for us to stop? Do we ourselves need to get into an accident, a loved one, experience it in a simulator perhaps, or does it need to be illegal? Last question, if it is illegal, will you still do it?

One of the articles I read yesterday was extra interesting to me. It was about a peer organization visiting a certain high school where they did a full presentation on the dangers of texting while driving. At the end, one student got the chance to experience texting while driving first hand, of course without actually getting hurt. He was to get into a golf cart and drive a course made up by the organization, in the school’s parking lot. A skinny track outlined by cones paved the way the student had to drive. The student was a 17 year-old boy in his senior year. Before getting on the course, in which all his peers were closely watching, he was interviewed by the organization. They asked questions like how comfortable he felt, does he text and drive, and does he think he will do well… The very cocky senior replied with a grim, he said he does text and drive often, he is a very good multi-tasker, and he had no doubt he would knock this out of the park.

The peer organization gave him one round with-out being distracted to just drive the course to get the feel for it.

The next round came. The organization handed him a phone and one of their personnel accompanied him. He was given instructions to not stop while driving and to text the beginning lines of a certain song.

At the end of his course, with cones knocked down and a less confident look on the boy’s face, he said he will never text and drive again. He said not only is it illegal where they live, but it is also extremely dangerous!

What will it take for you to stop texting and driving?

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– Anti-Texting team


About phoneguard

Phone Guard Inc. is a new company based out of Boca Raton, FLA where we strive to spread awareness against the new global issue of texting and driving. With our Drive Safe Software, you can help keep yourself, children,.and employees safe and undistracted while operating a motor vehicle.
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